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Sharp ESFA5101A1V-EE ESFA6102A2-EN Washing Machine Drain Pump Outlet & Filter


Sharp Genuine Washing machine drain pump, filter & housing unit. Specification: 30W, 220/240V, 50Hz. Please note: this product may appear cosmetically different to the original fitted on your machine, however this is the approved replacement for the models listed. ESFA5101A1-EN, ESFA5101A1-PL, ESFA5101A1V-EE, ESFA6102A2-EN, ESFA6102A2-PL, ESFA6102A2V-EE, ESFA6102A2V-PL, ESFA6102W2-EN, ESFA6122W2-EN, ESFA7103A1-EN, ESFA7103A1-PL, ESFA7103A1V-EE, ESFA7123A1-EN, ESFA7123A1-PL, ESFA7123A1V-EE, ESFB6103A1-EN, […]

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